Catalina 470 Owners Association

Autopilot Mount

Revised AutoPilot Instrument Mount on Voyager #11

We have these higher tubes at both helms which carry our AutoPilot Controlsand make them very easy to view and use. It is hard to see in these photos, so I will describe the mounts. Inside the upper curved part of the tube is a piece of 5/16″ stainless rod on this is welded a flat piece of stainless with appropriate holes for the instrument. There are no lower rods, nor are they needed. At present I am keeping my eyes open for some sort of plastic/metal bowl or cup to place over the back of the instrument to cover the wires. As they are right now when I sit here and lean back my head hits the wire connectors.The previous owner had these made and wasn’t as tall as I am.

Here is the cover I needed, I made two of these, one for each helm. What I found was PVC 3″ plastic pipe caps fit almost perfectly, just a little sanding. I cut off about an inch in length on the cap and cut a slot for the wires to come through. I also drilled a small hole at the lowest point so if any water gets in it will just drain out. I attached them with a couple of dabs of silicone so they can be removed easily.

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