Autopilot Mount

Revised AutoPilot Instrument Mount 

Supplied by Bill Martinelli, Voyager #11


Thanks to the previous owner, we have these taller than standard stainless tubes at each helm that hold our AutoPilot Controls and make them very easy to view and use. It is a bit hard to see in these photos, so I will describe the mounts. Inside the upper curved part of the tube is a piece of 5/16″ stainless rod, on this is welded a flat piece of stainless with appropriate holes for mounting the instrument. There are no lower rods, nor are they needed.

To cover the back of the instruments, what I found was PVC 3″ plastic pipe caps fit almost perfectly, just a little sanding required. I cut off about an inch in length on the cap and cut a slot for the wires to come through. I also drilled a small hole at the lowest point so if any water gets in it will just drain out. I attached them with a couple of dabs of silicone so they can be removed easily.