Starter Relay

Yanmar Remote Starter Relay Wiring Diagram

Submitted by Bill Martinelli, Voyager #11

The early models of the C470 sometimes have a problem of starting the engine after the engine has been run a while and then shut down. To cure this problem you need to add a remote starter relay. These can be purchased from Catalina, Yanmar, or visit our Yanmar Spares page. The part you need is Yanmar part number 129100-77910 Relay Magnetic.

Installing the remote relay and wiring it is pretty simple, but getting to the starter is a pain! We have an access panel on the port side of the engine, inside the galley cabinet. Since we purchased the boat used I don’t know if this is standard or not. The access opening was too small so I enlarged it using a laminate trimmer (small router) with an upward cutting spiral cutter. Set your cutter depth so it just goes through the material and have someone watch from the engine side so you don’t hit anything. I mounted the relay up under the battery charger on the port bulkhead to the right of the raw water filter. I made a new cover for the enlarged opening using “Starboard” material.